Impact Fitness, LLC

Ryan "Jake" Jacobs

I have been involved with physical training for over twenty-five years.  Beginning in school sports, I saw and felt the powerful effects of strength and conditioning.  I was constantly impressed with the transformative nature of training, and the ever expanding scope of its influence.  When I became a coach, I repeatedly saw physically challenged and shy kids become competent athletes, brimming with self-confidence.   After my involvement in sport declined, I saw these same things happen, again and again, in a gym setting.

Starting in 2007, I became a personal trainer with the goal of helping people realize their physical potential.  Through continued study of bio-mechanics and human evolution, I have developed a unique approach to combining the most effective exercise techniques and programming.  No tool or technique is off the table, including Kettlebells, suspension trainers, barbells, high intensity, or low intensity etc.  There is a time and place for everything.  My approach is to provide the appropriate stimulus for your level of fitness.  With long term health and function as the cornerstone of our program.

To age well in the modern world, we must do something to maintain our muscle mass, mobility, and aerobic capacity.  My goal is to provide the most, effective, efficient, safe, and enjoyable means to achieve these goals.  I believe strength and health are our birthright, and we can achieve them with the right training and motivation.