We're off to a great start this year!!  Nutrition packets are available if you haven't picked one up yet. 

For some, this may mean some big changes and that can be a scary and uncomfortable thing.  Please know that we're all in this together and there's power in numbers.  That's why we're each going to embark on our own separate but unified journey on February 3rd.  Remember, it's just for 30 days.  How quickly will 30 days go by?  Well, here we are already half way through January!  That's half of the 30-day program.  The next 15 or so will whiz by and we'll be ready to start the program and we'll all be thinking, "Wow, it's already time to start the program!!"  It will go by quickly, I promise.

The one thing I ask to consider is to truly make a commitment to these 30 days.  A commitment like you commit to an employer, a child, a spouse, a significant other, your church.  This is a commitment to YOURSELF to improved health through one of the biggest factors that can affect your health:  the food you eat every day.  Defy that primitive part of your brain that will do its best to keep you just as you are.  Take each step knowing that the one after it will get easier.  And know that I, too, will be stepping right beside you, along with everyone else.

Let's do this, people, and have a TON of FUN along the way!!