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Polly Hawver, Big Fun Fitness


Polly Hawver is a personal trainer with a NASM (National Academy of Sports and Medicine) certification.  Her passion for strength and self love began in 2008 when She joined a commercial gym for the first time.

Polly has always been a very analytical person. It wasn’t until she exercised for the first time that Polly realized what it felt like to be present and alive in her body. As a child, movement was not part of her upbringing although she was always craving physical expression. After joining in elementary sports and realizing that she was not good at them she gave up soon after starting.  

One September morning in 2008 she got a hankering to go check out the local gym. Unexpectedly, she got hooked.

Practicing strength training, powerlifting and functional movement has forever changed her life. Through exercising, Polly experiences what it is like to be in touch with just how precious life is and how lucky she is to have the body she has.

Polly Hawver is a member of the Health at Every Size (HAES) community and integrates that philosophy into her work on a daily basis. This means that her work functions from the premise that all bodies are worthy of acceptance and respect exactly how they are in this moment. Polly rejects the belief that we can only love ourselves when we look a certain way or get to a certain weight goal. Our bodies deserve love right now.

She believes in learning to listen our bodies’ cues. Polly supports her clients in eating food that is nutritious and nurturing. Finally, she believes that movement and exercise are intended to be fun and a celebration of life. In her practice, Polly takes an in depth look at her clients’ goals and makes achieving those goals fun and inspiring.